How To Recover Yahoo Password With Easy Steps

Yahoo is the widely used email platform which is key to many other services offered by Yahoo Ins. Yahoo follows very strict security as well as privacy policies to keep the user-data safe from intruders. Some of the users keep changing their password on frequent basis to maintain the security level of their device, but if it has become a trouble for you to recover the forgotten Yahoo mail password, you can try calling the Yahoo Customer Service Number or use the below given information to recover the forgotten Yahoo mail account and update the recovery information for hassle-free password recovery in future.

Yahoo Customer Service Number

Steps to recover the Yahoo mail account:

Go to and enter your Yahoo email Id or password
Click continue after entering your Yahoo mail password
Provide your recovery email address or phone number and hit submit
Select “Yes, send me an account key” after entering your email address or phone number
Check the email or text message for the verification code
Provide the verification key on Yahoo password recovery page
Click Verify and then Continue
Tap on create a new password and enter a strong password
Confirm the password by re-typing it
Now you can login to your Yahoo account by using the newly created password

How to add or remove the account recovery methods:

If you want to change or reset your receive information as the previously added information is not accessible, try the below given steps, or call upon Yahoo Phone Number

Change recovery information on mobile apps:
Go to settings 
Select Manage accounts
Click on Account Info
Click on security settings
Click on Email address or phone number
Choose Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number
Type the new email address or phone number

To remove an account, in the security settings choose the recovery email or phone number you want ti remove and hit the delete icon.

How to edit the recovery information on your web browser:
Go to Yahoo login page
Type your Yahoo login email address or phone number
Select the Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number
Follow the on-screen prompts and recover your account information.

Unlink the recovery information which is no longer in use:

To disconnect the email address or phone number from an account you need to sign out first. Once you are logged out from the account, follow the below given steps of recovery:

Open the sign-in helper page
Type your recovery email address or phone number
Tap Continue
Now select “Yes, send me an Account key” option.
You will receive the verification on the entered email address or phone number
Type the verification code in the field specified
Click on verify and continue to proceed
Now on the page where all recovery accounts are listed, click the remove it here
After this, tap on the Delete icon against the recovery account which you want to remove.
Again click on Remove this account.

This is how you can recover your Yahoo mail account after being compromised or in the case of forgotten password. But if you feel any confusion or need of the technical assistance, dial Yahoo Support Phone Number for instant response to your queries.


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